Danse Macabre

If you’re from New Zealand or read blogs from this region of the world, chances are you’ve heard about the dramatic presentation that Nom*D put on for their A/W 2011 collection. There are only so many adjectives one can throw around, so here is a short video to give you a better idea of the mood and performance. Rebekkah’s beautiful singing and the infamous kissing are absent, but you get the gist.

Denim for Two

I thought it might be nice to break up all the Fashion Week coverage with a bit of summer fun. The couple were shot at Field Day Festival in London and I love how they share a similar style. Casual in tees and denim, they seem connected without being overly match-y.
Photo: Noni Yolande and Caz Brown

Jasper + Dempsey

Jasper and Dempsey’s relationship was dramatically presented on stage at the Nom*D show. Passionate gazes and kissing isn’t exactly what one expects at a fashion show. But then Nom*D was all about exceeding expectations. 
Both models were a permanent fixture on the runway, walking in everything from the Collection Shows to off-site shows such as Stolen Girlfriends Club. Demspey is a lot of fun to watch, letting her playful character bring the garments to life. Very cute indeed.