Shelby works at Charlie Brown, which is where her asymmetrical black and white dress is from. She confessed that like myself, she reads an absurd amount of street style blogs!


Gabby’s band Macchiato just won $1000 in the Jager Uprising competition for new and unsigned music. She is a clarinetist in the eight piece band, who classify themselves as Ska/Gypsy/Rock/Funk/Jazz/Pop/Folk/Whatever. Her look is so simple and sweet, I think it’s the contrast of navy and white that keeps it fresh. I love her velvet v-neck top – shamelessly 90’s.


Elle is a singer/songwriter. She has a gentle, soft rock sound which you can hear on her Myspace if you’re interested. I have a definite inclination towards female singers, particularly folk. CocoRosie, Joanna Newsom, Cat Power… Pretty much anything a little weird and romantic with plenty of piano, harp and eclectic vocals.