Nicole can make even simple Zara stripes look impossibly chic. She has an innate sense of style which is so delicate and effortless. We only meet last month at fashion week, but Nicole is one of those people whom you instantly consider a friend; she’s too sweet for words. How amazing are her Charlotte Olympia heels? Perfectly sculptural and sexy.


Ryan Lobo, one of Australia’s most notorious stylists looking colourful in a few generous helpings of Prada. Only Prada has the ability to turn the mere banana into a new season trend. It’s refreshing when fashion is so tongue and cheek it’s pretty much making fun of itself. Fruit salad for all!
But on a (slightly) more serious note, this former Pages Digital editor turned freelance stylist has produced some amazing work. Unfortunately he doesn’t appear to have an online portfolio, but if you Google hard enough you’ll unearth some serious talent.


Anna is the fashion buyer and one half of the mother-daughter duo behind Sydney based store, Harlequin Market. Luxurious without being pretentious, Harlequin Market is carefully stocked with an eclectic mix of new and vintage treasures. Sydney has so many incredible stores, but the ones that stand out are those which curate with understanding and love for the pieces they share.
I love Anna’s jumper; the fitted purple knit is perfection. This winter I’ve accumulated a number of woolen jumpers (mostly vintage) – they are the best thing to just pull on and walk out the door. There’s definitely something to be said for pieces which are so effortless and simple. And warm!


Micah is a stylist based in Melbourne, she collaborates with fashion and event photographer J-Dawg (real name Jesse) on pretty much everything going on in their fair city. She’s one of those people who have such an amazing style and strong sense of self that you can’t help but be drawn in.
Micah’s gold Camilla and Marc jacket is such an incredible shape, and it helps that she’s got the attitude to pull it off with ease. I love her leather pants; I feel like I’m on a never-ending search for the perfect pair which just do not exist. Either my size is long gone or they cost more than a months rent. How can a staple item be so elusive?!