Susie looking adorable as always. Even though her stacked Prada brogues are the it shoe of the season, (thus, being seen on everyone, everywhere) I’m still pretty partial towards them. It’s hard not to like a shoe which is practical, comfortable, and still gives you a bit of height.


The adorable Margaret of Shine By Three looking effortless in a sheer pleated maxi. She has such grace for someone of just 18, I can’t remember having such a strong sense of self (or style) when I was that age. And you can’t really see it, but under her sheer dress Margaret is wearing the most amazing sequin leggings. I love subtle details; when you almost have to look twice to even know they are there.


Irene looking effortlessly cool in those notorious Celine pants. I love the soft slouch of her pants, the cut is so flattering and relaxed. And paired with her slightly over-sized blazer and simple tee it’s pretty much the perfect casual-chic outfit.