Hat and shirt stylist’s own, feather cape by Tarvydas
Leather hat by Konstrukt, jacket stylist’s own
Leather hat by Konstrukt, dress by Sabatini, jacket stylist’s own, gumboots from Kmart
Leather hat by Konstrukt, jacket stylist’s own
Army trench by Bree Bennett Vintage, dress by Shona Joy, gumboots from Kmart
A few weeks ago my friend Mel and I decided we were well overdue for a creative collaboration. We enlisted the help of the lovely Lauren and Liz and headed south first thing one morning. Inspired by the structure of Amish culture, Black Plains explores the idea of simplicity and timelessness. Where tradition and routine contrasts with the unpredictable beauty of nature.
Special thanks to Door121, Undergroup Showroom and Mount Annan National Park