The adorable Minty is the Sales manager for NZ label Ruby, which means she gets her hands on the new collection a whole season before the rest of us. Ruby presented their Winter 2012 collection this morning, and I’m already lusting after most of it (the metallic rose gold shorts – incredible!). Featuring their much loved loose-knit jumpers, shifts and mini dresses, the collection was the perfect balance between futuristic and feminine. 


Photos: Sarah Burton

Rosie (Red 11 Models) looking dreamy in a white button up shirt and floral jeans before the Starfish show. I don’t think I’ve ever seen mint low-cut Doc’s before, but they are amazing. Cute and masculine – too perfect!
Since I’ve already been home three times this year, I won’t be making it back for New Zealand Fashion Week this time around. But thankfully my girl Sarah is there getting amongst things for me. So although I’m not in town for to see some homegrown talent, I will be posting a few shots this week in celebration of NZFW. Kiwi’s dress with a kind of casual ease that is sometimes lost on Sydney-siders, so I’m looking forward to seeing a bit of local style.


I met Eliza last week and was instantly drawn to her sense of style; chic and effortless. As if she just threw on her favourite pieces without a second thought and it all came together perfectly. I love this kind of look; classic and just a little bit masculine. And how good is her forest green fedora?