Photos: Jessie Bush/We the People
Up until a few years ago I was never really a jewellery kind of girl; accessories always felt over the top and I ended up slipping them off as I left the house. How I’ve changed. It started as an obsession with chunky rings, which progressed into bracelets stacked up both arms, then large cuffs swallowing up my wrist in rose gold and silver. Now after a few seasons of overindulging in an excess of accessories, I’m completely taken by delicate, simple pieces which instantly make you feel as feminine as the jewellery itself.
And it so happens that all of my jewellery desires are perfectly encapsulated in Sydney label PetiteGrand. Tanja Kovacevic hand-makes all of the pieces in her home studio, each one carefully crafted to produce the most delicate of details. I’m in love with the gold square disk bracelet, but truth be told, I can’t quite make up my mind. I get the feeling that more than one is completely necessary.

You can find PetiteGrand in boutiques throughout Australia, and online here and here.