Becky & Bridget

A few weeks back I caught up with Becky and Bridget, the two lovely ladies behind their namesake label Bec & Bridge. They pretty much epitomise Australian summer style; it’s all about flirty dresses, feminine colour palettes and fashion forward silhouettes. Their collaboration with Akubra Hats at Australian Fashion Week was without a doubt my favourite accessory of the season; the deliciously wide brimmed hats in khaki, blush and violet are all kinds of amazing. Not that I’ve managed to get my hands on one. I still can’t decide if I want the purple, or whether I should be sensible and just go with khaki.

Their high summer collection (which is in stores now)  is both sexy and relaxed, depending on your vibe. And there is plenty of navy and white, which just happen to the two colours I can’t get enough of lately. I actually saw a beautiful girl in Bondi recently wearing their Anja crochet maxi dress (in navy no less), and it looked pretty stunning. A cool dress, strappy sandals and relaxed hair, that’s how summer should be done.

The Cut Out


I’ve never really been a maxi skirt kind of girl. Nor do I like showing off much skin. And yet somehow I fell in love with this Acne maxi skirt that shows a lot of leg. I think it’s the fact that the floor-skimming length and the cut-out manage to cancel each other out. The cut-out does reach pretty high; if I was any taller I don’t know how cool I’d be walking down the street with my left leg bearing all, particularly when a gust a wind catches it. But thankfully (in this case anyway) I don’t have much height to grapple with. It’s already become a summer staple, paired with a simple tee it’s the perfect balance between casual and a little bit sexy.

A New Direction

After more than a year of shooting street style for We The People I’ve decided to change the direction ever so slightly. A small side-step if you will. I love the nature of street style; meeting people whom I never would have otherwise and getting to know them, even if just for a moment. It’s a lot of fun. But after chasing down the well dressed every day for over a year, it’s become a little monotonous. And if I’m honest, the over-saturation of street style images online has only intensified this feeling. As much as I love the incredible street style captured during fashion weeks, the sheer volume of it all has taken away some of it’s specialness.

So I want to shake things up a little. I still plan to capture style on the street, but I also want to share what people love and are inspired by. Really just exploring personal style in all it’s forms. And because I can’t do things in halves, I’ve also changed up the logo and layout of my site, hope you like it!