Street Style

A New Direction

Posted 28 November 2011

After more than a year of shooting street style for We The People I’ve decided to change the direction ever so slightly. A small side-step if you will. I love the nature of street style; meeting people whom I never would have otherwise and getting to know them, even if just for a moment. It’s a lot of fun. But after chasing down the well dressed every day for over a year, it’s become a little monotonous. And if I’m honest, the over-saturation of street style images online has only intensified this feeling. As much as I love the incredible street style captured during fashion weeks, the sheer volume of it all has taken away some of it’s specialness.

So I want to shake things up a little. I still plan to capture style on the street, but I also want to share what people love and are inspired by. Really just exploring personal style in all it’s forms. And because I can’t do things in halves, I’ve also changed up the logo and layout of my site, hope you like it!



Posted by Kym on 5 December 2011

I LOVE this! The idea, the logo, the website très sophisticated :)

Posted by Soleil St. Fleur on 3 December 2011

Hi Jessie! I'm really loving this new route your taking with your blog, photography and all! Kudos to you for keeping your finger on the pulse. This is why your blog is loved and followed because it's oh so refreshing! xx from Soleil

Posted by Lucinda on 29 November 2011

The new direction sounds exciting, I can't wait to see what you do with it! Love the new design too x

Posted by Bianac on 29 November 2011

exciting stuff girrl! you've got an amazing eye for style, can't wait to see what you blog now :) ps. spotted your pretty self in SHOP mag today hehe!! X

Posted by EllynSheyr on 28 November 2011

Two words - Love & Excitement. Love: your work and they way you capture individual style Excitement: change is only another word for evolving.

Posted by Julia A on 28 November 2011

I've loved following your street style finds over the last 6 months but change is always good ! Look forward to the new inspiration!! :)

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