After more than a year of shooting street style for We The People I’ve decided to change the direction ever so slightly. A small side-step if you will. I love the nature of street style; meeting people whom I never would have otherwise and getting to know them, even if just for a moment. It’s a lot of fun. But after chasing down the well dressed every day for over a year, it’s become a little monotonous. And if I’m honest, the over-saturation of street style images online has only intensified this feeling. As much as I love the incredible street style captured during fashion weeks, the sheer volume of it all has taken away some of it’s specialness.

So I want to shake things up a little. I still plan to capture style on the street, but I also want to share what people love and are inspired by. Really just exploring personal style in all it’s forms. And because I can’t do things in halves, I’ve also changed up the logo and layout of my site, hope you like it!