Model turned photographer Zanita rocking the androgynous style in all the right ways! I love her oversized coat, the long lines and structured shoulders create such an incredible shape on her willowy frame. I’m such a sucker for a good coat, I’d live in them year round if I could. And paired with her crisp white shirt buttoned all up she just nails the nonchalant school-boy look. Why people don’t button shirts all the way up more I’ll never know, it just finishes a look off so perfectly. And I love that she went all the way with the John Lennon-esque sunglasses, talk about masculine charm! Everything about this is so paired back and simple, and you know how much I love simplicity.

Zanita has been pumping out some incredible work lately, one of her latest collabs for the Harper’s Bazaar Style Network with illustrator¬†Kelly Smith was incredible; they are a dream team! It’s always so great to see an artist grow, and Zanita definitely has this past year. You can peep her work¬†here.