My gorgeous friend Tess is one of my favourite people to meet up with for a lazy drink and a home cooked meal. I can always count on her to come armed with fresh stories and the best kind of surprises. Like a spare bike to go late night riding on. Or an invitation to join her in her cute house filled with candles, fairy lights and soft playing records. Yeah, she’s pretty amazing. You can’t see them in great detail – but Tess designs jewellery – which she is wearing here. Long chains with an unexpected mix of beads, leather and chain. And what’s even more adorable is the fact that she makes her friends special one-off designs which reflect their personality. So sweet!

I’m super into Tess’ tee-shirt collection. She has a pretty decent stash; at least five Harley Davidson tee’s alone. I brought a vintage inspired tee in the weekend (although it was new so it doesn’t really count) and cut off the sleeves in an attempt to make it slightly more authentic. I know I’m about twenty years late, but there’s something about well-worn, pre-loved t-shirts that I just can’t get enough of at the moment.



How dreamy does Megan look in pastel?! I know the pastel trend has been slowly making it’s way to the surface for a while now, but Megan is the first person I’ve seen actually trying it out. I love that her Josh Goot combo is more subdued than sickly sweet. Not that I don’t like sherbet inspired pieces – but I just think in this case it’s the muted hues which make it work so well. Josh Goot knows how to create sculptural shapes like nobodies business – the exaggerated balloon cut of Megan’s skirt is pretty amazing, and her shirt fits like a dream! And you know how much I appreciate well fitting shirts buttoned all the way up. It’s the perfect combination; a delicate colour palette with strong, careful tailoring.

Sweet Celine

Oh hello there Celine Cabas tote, don’t you look lovely. This very simple, utilitarian tote is my first foray into the world of Celine, and I’m definitely pretty happy about it. I had been on the hunt for a new bag for what felt forever; something large, black, not too expensive, with absolutely no detailing at all. I don’t like bells and whistles. Then thanks to good timing and good friendship (a friend purchased this for me – on my card of course) the Celine Cabas tote landed neatly in my lap. It fits the ridiculous amount of stuff I carry with me everywhere (my camera is not light by any means) and I can hold it down by my side oh so casually (my favourite), or I can sling it under my arm when I need to. I can tell we’re going to be very happy together.


I love everything about Monika’s style; simple, laid-back with a slight tomboy feel. Less is always more in my opinion; and considering how much natural beauty models have to work with in the first place, dressing down is where it’s at. Her leather jacket and printed tee is the perfect example of downtown cool; there’s no need for anything else. I wore my leather jacket for the first time today in so long – I’ve had it for years and for whatever reason I seem to bring it out on cue every six months. And after seeing Monika’s look, I think it’s time to embrace it all over again. You know how much I love leather.