I love Giselle’s approach to style; it’s the perfect balance between relaxed and refined. She sticks to more simple, timeless pieces rather than following trends, which I find really refreshing. Particularly when working in fashion (Giselle owns the online boutique My Chameleon) it’s hard not to be sucked in by the cool looks of the moment. Her taste in jewellery (dainty rings and necklaces thin as a sliver) is as enviable as her collection of shirts (incredible fabrics and perfectly cut).

I’ve said before that My Chameleon is one of my favourite online stores, and Giselle just nails the buying with such nonchalant, beautiful pieces that you can’t help but love too. My Chameleon has actually just moved their office around the corner from my place, so I’m pretty excited that I can just swing by and check out her latest finds anytime (as well as discuss the more serious things in life like sneakers and good restaurants).

On a different note, my summer holiday dream is over. I just got back from the most amazing week away in a beach town south of Sydney, and I’m already dreaming of going back. The house, view and beach hangs were possibly the best ever. I hope you all had a great break with plenty of sun, good people and too much food. I have a feeling 2012 is going to be pretty great!