I always avoided leopard print. I considered it risky business; straying into the grey area of tacky always seemed like a distinct possibility. I now realise I was being far too delicate about the whole situation. Small doses of leopard print are effortlessly chic. And even generous helpings of leopard print (like the leopard print coats making the rounds on the fashion circuit at the moment) are more cool than not. In fact, after seeing Phillip Lim’s resort collection in the flesh, I could be tempted to go all out in a leopard print blazer and pant combo.

With the exclusion of a few vintage pieces I hardly wear, these loafers are my first foray into the world of animal print. I’m all about the loafer (as you can see here), and these Dieppa Restrepo’s were the perfect first step – understated and beautifully made. Plus they are the perfect antidote to my monochrome wardrobe. Now I want leopard on my feet every chance I get!