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Posted 31 January 2012

My gorgeous friend Tess is one of my favourite people to meet up with for a lazy drink and a home cooked meal. I can always count on her to come armed with fresh stories and the best kind of surprises. Like a spare bike to go late night riding on. Or an invitation to join her in her cute house filled with candles, fairy lights and soft playing records. Yeah, she’s pretty amazing. You can’t see them in great detail – but Tess designs jewellery – which she is wearing here. Long chains with an unexpected mix of beads, leather and chain. And what’s even more adorable is the fact that she makes her friends special one-off designs which reflect their personality. So sweet!

I’m super into Tess’ tee-shirt collection. She has a pretty decent stash; at least five Harley Davidson tee’s alone. I brought a vintage inspired tee in the weekend (although it was new so it doesn’t really count) and cut off the sleeves in an attempt to make it slightly more authentic. I know I’m about twenty years late, but there’s something about well-worn, pre-loved t-shirts that I just can’t get enough of at the moment.




Posted by Liana` on 7 February 2012

Definately one of my favourite girls in Sydney. She has an amazing wardrobe, and she doesn't pay thousands for it! So creative and inspiring I think. x

Posted by lovemore BEL on 3 February 2012

accessories designer and also has endless harley tees?! is she my twin? i literally have at least 8 i can count alone ! feel free to come by and shoot all my weird t-shirts anytime you like! haha bel xxxx

Posted by Jaz on 2 February 2012

Hey Jessie, Every now and then I have a little browse on your blog because you take such great photos and have a great eye for fashion. Just wanted to say I love this photo of Tess ! It's amazing ! Hope you're doing well !! Jaz

Posted by Paola on 1 February 2012

apparently I was following you already ;)

Posted by Paola on 1 February 2012

Beautiful photograph or a beautiful girl! I'm following you now xx Paola www.ThePvdHJournal.com

Posted by mellie on 1 February 2012

Tess is a nice chick :) ps: wondering if I could have some help with something? Even a mention on facebook. I just need word spread around. As a Sydney blogger, I was wondering if you would mention the Raid My Wardrobe event coming to Sydney this March? It will feature heaps and heaps of stalls selling vintage, second hand designer and other treasures. I think it would be amazing to gather all of Sydney's bloggers and shopaholics around. Check out my post and spread the word about the comp! - http://www.lepearlblog.com/2012/01/competition-sydney-raidmywardrobe.html

Posted by Angela on 31 January 2012

I'm back on the vintage tee wagon again too. I culled a heap awhile back when I was going for a more "grown up" look, but I'm kicking myself now! Lovely shot. A x

Posted by Ruth on 31 January 2012

yay tess!!!

Posted by Fashion Tidbits on 31 January 2012

Vintage tees are the best!!! Can't emulate a cool rocker vibe without one ::P

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