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The Red Dress

Posted 16 January 2012

I’ve never owned a red dress – or any other colour for that matter – until this Gary Bigeni number made it’s way into my life. The deep red shade and soft brushed silk caught my eye early on in the season, more because it’s a masterpiece of draped perfection than because it was my sort of thing. It seemed a little too elegant (and let’s face it, colourful) for my simplistic taste. Then, like all good retail success stories, I found it so heavily discounted it was practically free (in my mind anyway). Turns out, red dresses have this incredible magnetism that even my monochrome wardrobe could not ignore. It may not be an everyday sort of dress; better suited for chic parties, fine restaurants and pretty places with tiny canapes. But I prefer it that way. Like a colourful surprise that only comes out to play on special occasions.



Posted by martha on 27 March 2012


Posted by chu eva on 24 January 2012

this red is gorgeous and the photo itself is so nice xx

Posted by Nicole on 18 January 2012

And another bonus is that you look babin' in it!

Posted by fabliha on 18 January 2012

that dress is just so beautiful - the perfect shade of red... I am loving red for the summer :) INSIDE IN INSIDE OUT

Posted by Brigadeiro on 17 January 2012

Thanks Jessie, I have the Sample Sale on my to-do-list ;) xx

Posted by herpersona on 17 January 2012

amazing the deep colour

Posted by Jessie on 17 January 2012

Hey Brigaderio, I brought my dress at a pop up sale store, but the Gary Bigeni sample sale is on this weekend at District 01 on Oxford st, so if I was you I would swing by. Chances are this dress - plus lots of other beautiful pieces - will be on sale! x

Posted by Alex on 16 January 2012

A red dress is the ultimate no brainer outfit- no fussy accessories needed! Love this!

Posted by Kaitlyn on 16 January 2012

Love love love love love LOVE it. Would also love to see a pic of you in it too pleeease, I bet it looks amazing with your hair colour and skintone, I think you were made for red girl xx

Posted by Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts on 16 January 2012

Oh! I just adore this dress and have almost purchased it more times than I can think of. Deep down I know the cut's not quite right for me, though - I'm so glad it has a home with someone who will wear it beautifully!!

Posted by Brigadeiro on 16 January 2012

Ah, that GB Dewi dress is absolutely divine! I had been eyeing it for ages, but reluctantly crossed it off my wishlist when I found out I was preggers. Although...if it's heavily discounted, perhaps I could store it for 'sometime in the not so near future'...Might you share where this can be found at such a price? I am heading to Sydney/Surry Hills the day after tomorrow, woo hoo! PS. Found your blog today and absolutely LOVE it!

Posted by xiaohan - xssat on 16 January 2012

Is this the number you wore to the bloggers xmas party? Love the colour!

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