Emma Mulholland is quickly carving out a name for herself here in Australia. Her name-sake label has a distinct vision which is completely her own, and you can’t help but be drawn in by it. While everyone else is feeling florals, Emma’s turning out Iguanas and shark motifs. Although her prints and embellishments are intricately detailed, there’s an uncomplicated, cool girl kind of exterior which surrounds the brand. Like you could swing one of her backpacks over your shoulder and not give a damn.

I had been meaning to contact Emma for sometime, but before I had a chance to track her down, we ended sitting next to each other at Christopher Esber’s show during Fashion Week. We’d never met, but the ice blonde bob and lizard emblazoned on the back of her bomber told me it was her. The show finished and we went our separate ways, but I managed to find a spare moment to meet up again before Emma left for Bali to work on her next collection.

Her current collection ‘As Bad As I Guana Be’ is influenced by the Mexican desert and basketball playing Iguanas – an original concept for sure.  I’m a big fan of the bomber jackets (obviously), leather quilted skirts and the sequined dress which is about Teenage Ninja Turtle as you can get. For all my minimalist tendencies, I love how perfectly the prints and colours clash. Anything goes and that’s why it works.

Watch the awesome film for this collection, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Basically there are two lizards with attitude from the Mexican desert and they are off to battle it out on the basketball court. Trust me, it’s great.