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Posted 30 August 2012

I just got back from one very picturesque and relaxing trip to visit my family in New Zealand. I’ve been home a few times since I moved to Sydney, but never just for a holiday, so it was nice to just take things slow and appreciate the beauty around me. Although the snow was melting and the spring blossoms were still a week shy of blooming, it was a visual feast all the same.

We hired a holiday home in a (very) small town centered around some very delicious hot pools – the perfect antidote to freezing evenings. It was all about lazy sleep-ins, casual bush walks, steaming hot pools and a fridge filled to the brim with good food ready to be devoured in the afternoon sun.

The seal pups are pretty hilarious – there’s a small waterfall inland from the coast were they congregate to play and keep safe from predators. This time there was about 20 of them; all flipping and jumping, trying to out-do one another. It’s the strangest thing watching a seal pup shimmy his way along rocks and forest floor on his way back to the ocean.

Until next time my old friend!



Posted by xiaohan - xssat on 2 September 2012

Looks divine! I so desperately need to go for a proper trip.

Posted by thecitygourmand on 1 September 2012

Some beautifully captured shots!

Posted by Vulette on 1 September 2012

Gorgeous photos Jessie! Back country roads and snowy mountains make me feel all nostalgic and homesick for chch. I fly over on Monday and I am so so excited to be home. Although not really home as its Auckland, but still! To be surrounded by kiwi accents and familiarity will be enough.

Posted by Daisy Nguyen on 1 September 2012

These are some beautiful pics! XOXO

Posted by Sharday on 30 August 2012

Those seals are adorable.. and the countryside looks so picturesque! xx Sharday SHARDETTE BLOG

Posted by Style Hostess on 30 August 2012

Your photos are too good they make the seal pups a tad bit too adorable :D I cant wait for the end of year summer holidays. Planning to kick back on a vacation too after a loaded year :0 X Catherine.

Posted by amanda on 30 August 2012

gorgeous photos!

Posted by the marant philes on 30 August 2012

Really beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them. I've never been to NZ... - Aliya:)

Posted by Angela on 30 August 2012

Ahhhhhh.... I fly over on Sunday and damn well can't wait to be back on the Nth Island. Love.

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