Off The Court

eBay cap, Kahlo leather top, Josh Goot skirt, Nixon watch, Benah wallet, Tony Bianco shoes

Leather and I go way back. My latest love is this beautiful tank by Kahlo who consistently deliver perfectly formed minimalist pieces. So for my latest Style Spy post over at I decided to jump in front of the camera – see the rest of it over here.

Elle & Tash

I seem to bump into these two ladies everywhere; never one without the other and always looking effortlessly cool. I’m a little jealous, my best friend and I haven’t lived in the same city since high school. There are few things better than spending time with your platonic soul mate.

A black and white, cropped version of this shot has actually ended up all over MidCity shopping centre (which is in the city no less) for a blogger ‘take over’ the girls are part of. I need to get into the city soon and see it for myself!


There’s a lot going on here which I can’t help but love. Grace’s perfectly formed black hat, her vintage Versace pants and her Margiela-esque mesh heels are all super cool. So many strong elements in one outfit, but Grace totally makes it work. I’m also a little jealous of her blue hair, but I think it’s fair to say I’ve missed that boat.