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Winter Sun

Posted 18 December 2012

Faux fur jacket, Zara scarf, Nobody jeans, Celine bag, Acne boots

Not a new jacket by any means, but this ball of white fluff has been keeping me warm as I acclimatise to a European winter. My other half tells me I focus on the weather far to much; but I think I just like to be prepared. These were taken on a glorious afternoon at the Musée du Louvre with the winter sun streaming through the glass pyramids; such a beautiful sight.



Posted by Watisoni on 20 December 2012

It seems as though you picked the perfect time to take these photo's. You look stunning Miss Bush.

Posted by fabliha on 19 December 2012

you are so lucky to have had sunny days in Paris - I havent experienced a single sunny day yet :) these photos are beautiful and I am digging your shaggy xxx

Posted by Tine on 18 December 2012

I want to hug her! :)

Posted by arleendee on 18 December 2012

love that fluffy jacket! and your boots! :)

Posted by hannah on 18 December 2012

that fur jacket it amazing! love me some fluff. :) xx H

Posted by the marant philes on 18 December 2012

I know exactly how you feel. It's hard to not have the cold on your mind when you're not used to that degree of COLD. I moved from Chicago, and it was always on my mind in the winter. I hate feeling that bone chilling cold. Glad the coat at least is helping you out, and those Acne boots are my favorite.... - Aliya:)

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