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Posted 19 June 2013

Shop Victoria’s look: Mother of Pearl top (similar here), Erin Fetherston skirt (similar here), Angel Jackson bag and Vans

Victoria’s long legs aside, what I love most about this navy look is how perfect it is for in-between weather. Spring is always all over the show, and I often think it’s safer to dress prepared for both warm and cold temperatures. Exposing the legs and keeping your arms covered just seems a bit less predictable, and perhaps a little more sexy than say jeans and a tee.

I also think the Vans are key – they keep the whole look effortlessly casual. Comfortable shoes and tousled hair is always a winner. Killer personal style aside, Victoria is also an incredible stylist; check out her work here.



Posted by Makota22 on 12 July 2013


Posted by Mun on 26 June 2013

Everything about this look is flawless! Like really.

Posted by Emily on 20 June 2013

She is gorgeous! I love the layering of this look, so perfect! xx oh my gilded

Posted by Aliya on 19 June 2013

Very cool combo, I love the dress up/dress down look about it...That's my mission, to be able to balance casual and dressy.

Posted by Georgia on 19 June 2013

Love this Jessie!! Amazing!!

Posted by Denise on 19 June 2013

Beautiful!!! I love it!!

Posted by Shara on 19 June 2013

I love how that outfit would still look great with vans/sneakers or dressy heels. x

Posted by Brigadeiro on 19 June 2013

Gorgeous silhouettes! Wish I were tall enough to pull such a look off...I really like how the Vans 'ground' the whole look brilliantly! Look forward to heading to London in one week! EXCITED! Hope the weather's good! xx

Posted by THE STEL STYEL on 19 June 2013

her looks is just perfect, I love it!! DIY ON MY BLOG

Posted by Mica on 19 June 2013

Love the volume! :) Away From Blue

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