Aesop is one of those brands I love to love. The whole experience, from visiting their store to using their products is really special. Their branding and philosophy is really beautiful – and I’m a big fan of the botanical ingredients they use.

Last week I stopped by their Cross Street store in London to replenish my topshelf. Whenever I step into one of their stores I like to pretend when I buy a house my bathroom will look just like Aesop. It’s that good.

Aesop is incredibly gentle on the skin, smells devine and caters to differ skin types and climates. These are a few of my favourites, old and new.

Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream – not only does it smell of the most delicious citris, it’s both lightweight and super hydrating. I have dry/combination skin and use this daily. I swap in the Camellia Nut Hydrating Cream if my skin is going through a dry patch.

Control Blemish Cream – thankfully I barely get any blemishes, but I still like to have this product on hand. It’s a miracle gel – use it on the first signs of a pimple and it will be gone by morning.

Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste – this one is new for me. I used to use the Tee Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant, but London’s water and climate is much harsher than home, so I like this gentle exfoliant for daily use after I remove my makeup.

Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque - I’ve used this masque on and off for years and I still love it. It somehow manages to be gentle and extremely cleansing, all at the same time. Perfect for summertime when you need to draw all of those impurities out.