I met Aude in Brussels, in a super cool store by the name of Hunting and Collecting. Everything about it was right on the money; understated but cool visual merchandising, a great designer selection and a carefully curated space.

It was Aude’s amazing jacket that caught my eye. Since diving head first into a European winter, I have become obsessed with coats and jackets of any kind. And Aude’s coat by French designer Christophe Lemaire is one of the best I’ve seen around; perfectly over-sized, with subtle tweed fabric and two roomy pockets. I love her vintage sweater and Avelon leather pants too – both ultimate winter essentials when it comes to braving the cold. But it’s her beautiful red hair that makes this look; striking and super casual all at the same time.

In Bruges (and Brussels)

During our time in Belgium we stayed in Bruges, a super cute town with quaint brick buildings and cobblestone laneways. There was something about the slower pace of life and quiet one way streets that I couldn’t help but love. We spent our days wandering alongside the half-frozen canals, ordering beers from pubs over two hundred years old and indulging in delicious frites topped with mayonnaise.

We took a day trip to Brussels, and I have to say, I was quite taken with the city. Impressive architecture in every direction, metropolitan but not over-run with people. There was also an abundance of chocolate-coated waffles, carefully curated boutiques and beautiful buildings. If you get a chance, Belgium really is worth a visit.