Snow Day

Beat Poet coat, Acne knit, Watson x Watson leather pants, Alexander Wang boots, Celine trapeze

It’s been snowing for the better part of the past four days here in London, and let’s just say it’s been pretty exciting. I’ve seen snow plenty of times before, but never in a city, with layer after layer of fresh powder coating the streets around me. The usual wintery sights of bare trees and grey sidewalks are suddenly brought to life with a beautiful bright whiteness. It’s the ultimate winter delight.

Mountain Views

Looking out over the Blue Mountains on a weekend away recently. Nothing beats fresh air and expansive views. I can’t fight the need to escape the city every few months, and I feel pretty lucky to have such incredible landscapes so close by. We arrived at the quaintest cottage one Friday evening; complete with freshly cooked bread, home-grown strawberries and a blazing fire. And the next day we walked out to this. Such beauty!

Back Alley Chanel

Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Vintage trench, ‘Chanel’ tee, Claude Maus jeans, Benah wallet, Nixon watch, Alexander Wang loafers

Not a fan of fakes, but the blatant logo print is so shameless; it really couldn’t be further from everything that Chanel represents. I picked up the trench in New Zealand last year for less than $10 – it’s pretty massive, but I kind of like it that way. So slouchy and comfortable; it’s like a more relaxed alternative to the classic, tailored trench.

I can’t even tell you how great the second-hand stores are back home – they put Sydney (and Melbourne) to shame. Everything is slightly musty and has shoulder pads, but it’s ridiculously cheap and authentic. Nothing beats finding an incredible piece amongst the racks of discarded woolen jumpers and matching pant suits. Second hand store triumphs are the best.

Black Sheep

Friend of Mine coat, Miu Miu heels

If I could wear coats all of the time, I would. In my mind, there’s nothing better than putting on the perfect outer shell which keeps you warm and creates one clean silhouette. I couldn’t go past the fluffy look of this Friend of Mine ‘poodle coat’,  which despite it’s name just reminds me of the black sheep which used to sit idle in the paddock near my childhood house. No, the sheep wasn’t mine, but there were a few around (it was New Zealand after all).

Even though it’s faux fur, the lining is super think and it’s the ultimate insulator against the cold weather we’ve had lately. This covered up look is a far cry from Friend of Mine’s new collection which is due to drop into stores soon, and I have to say I’m surprisingly drawn to it. It’s pretty sexy; but there’s just so much black, white and leather I can’t say no.