The Vest

Morrison vest, Tony Bianco Heels.

Coats, jackets and vests are always my favourite pieces to wear. There’s just something about throwing on a coat or jacket over whatever I’m wearing that makes me feel my as if outfit is complete. Like I’m cocooned in delicious layers. Sydney’s warm climate doesn’t allow me to wear as many coats as I would like, so long-line sleeveless vests like these are perfect alternative.

The cut is more elegant than a bulky jacket, and the two pockets are somehow deep enough for me to forgo a handbag. I usually lug way too much around in my cabas tote, so it’s always a treat to walk out the door with almost nothing at all!


Dee looks all angelic in her collarless shirt-dress in the afternoon sun; so crisp and light! And her super sweet studded headband is the perfect accessory. I love a good shirt-dress; the masculine tailoring with a more feminine length is always effortlessly chic and uncomplicated. So good!


How good is Zanita’s take on the sport-luxe trend; I love that she paired such athletic pieces with sky high Ellery heels. I can’t get enough of caps lately (I wear my Supreme one all the time), and Zanita is a massive babe in hers. The white Alexander Wang golf bag is the perfect finishing touch; so sporty and fresh!

Christopher Esber

Presenting his spring summer 12/13 collection to an auidence with great expectations last week, Christopher Esber somehow managed to live up to the hype and then some. His new collection had a clinical touch; bright whites, clean cut and straight to the point. For someone so young, Esber really does have an eye for sophisticated, intelligent designs that are utterly wearable.

It’s his execution of the simple stuff that makes him stand out – the tailored shirts, pants and shift dresses are all perfectly in proportion and not the least bit boring. There were also a few standout pieces with impressive bead-work (namely the full length coat with intricately beaded sleeves) which I can’t wait to see up close. Considering he had everyone whispering comments of praise afterwards, with many calling it the show week, there’s no doubt Esber is destined for great things!