Embossed Neon

I’m really digging that Xiaohan got her initials embossed onto her Cambridge satchel, I like the idea of personalising special pieces with your very own monogram. It’s classic and quirky all at the same time. By far the coolest interpretation of this trend is the monogrammed classics over at J.Crew. How awesome would it be chillin’ in classic navy pajamas complete with white piping and initials emblazoned on your breast? Or perhaps a cashmere sweater with the perfect slouch and a neat monogram? Talk about old school cool.


I love hanging out with Ellen. She has an incredible energy and takes whimsical photos that just draw you in. How incredible is her is red hair; and the white on white combo makes it even more vibrant. The contrast is amazing!


Not to sound like an old woman, but how crazy is this weather?! Ridiculously hot one day, endless rain the next. I’m tempted to break out my coat too. Although you can only see a peek of it, I love Ryan’s striped tee. Stripes look great on everyone, men should embrace them more!