Christine doing what she does best; black on black and killer heels. The structured simplicity of this look is what makes it so good; nothing but clean lines and a sexy silhouette. And her Celine bracelet and eggshell blue Hermes notebook are the ultimate finishing touches.

No Parking

Josh Goot vest, Gary Bigeni dress, Tony Bianco heels

This Gary Bigeni dress is one of the more fancy pieces I own. I have plenty of dresses (all black) which translate pretty easily from day to night with a quick change of footwear. But this draped beauty always makes me feel dressed up; like I’m headed somewhere extra special (even when I’m not). And the bold red only amplifies the situation. Not even my well-worn ankle boots can tone down the fancy. But I have to admit, it is fun to put down the leather cap and feel like a lady every now and then.

It couldn’t be further from my weekend attire, which consisted of chucks and thermals for long walks in the Blue Mountains with incredible views and plenty of fresh air. We stayed at the sweetest little cabin which was surrounded by nothing but trees and endless quiet. Hands down best weekend in a long time.

The Wolf Vest

Jess Blanch, Editor of Russh Magazine looking painfully cool in Isabel Marant’s embellished Wolf Vest. It was a casual $4,000 online, but I did see it half price a while back if you’re in the market for an investment piece of epic proportions. The multi-coloured embroidery and glistening mirrored embellishment is pretty incredible! Perfect for the hyper-reality that is fashion week.