How good is Zanita’s take on the sport-luxe trend; I love that she paired such athletic pieces with sky high Ellery heels. I can’t get enough of caps lately (I wear my Supreme one all the time), and Zanita is a massive babe in hers. The white Alexander Wang golf bag is the perfect finishing touch; so sporty and fresh!

Christopher Esber

Presenting his spring summer 12/13 collection to an auidence with great expectations last week, Christopher Esber somehow managed to live up to the hype and then some. His new collection had a clinical touch; bright whites, clean cut and straight to the point. For someone so young, Esber really does have an eye for sophisticated, intelligent designs that are utterly wearable.

It’s his execution of the simple stuff that makes him stand out – the tailored shirts, pants and shift dresses are all perfectly in proportion and not the least bit boring. There were also a few standout pieces with impressive bead-work (namely the full length coat with intricately beaded sleeves) which I can’t wait to see up close. Considering he had everyone whispering comments of praise afterwards, with many calling it the show week, there’s no doubt Esber is destined for great things!


How incredible are Gillian’s Balmain baroque pants?! The leather paneling is all kinds of amazing; and the embossed detail gives it such a rich finish. I love that Gillian has kept the rest of her outfit simple, because really, when you have pants like these you don’t need to do anything else! The whole look is both striking and effortlessly cool.

Gillian is the Fashion Director for Russh; and it has to be said that the whole team have a relaxed (but uber stylish) approach to dressing. I love when woman wear more extravagant pieces, but keep their hair and makeup natural. It’s how things should be done!

Update: Big thanks to Espe who informed me I had these amazing woman’s name wrong, it’s actually Gillian!


Industry favourite and all round cool kid Kym Ellery pulled one stylish crowd for her show at Australian Fashion Week, where she presented her resort 12/13 collection ‘Delicatessen’. With her usual minimalistic touch, Ellery delivered structured silhouettes in crisp whites and opulent hues. Her ability to deliver such bold, architectural shapes in sleek and paired-back packages is what makes the label so alluring.

Hands down the best peplums of the week, particularly the peplum skirted mini-shorts in forest green and silver (although not for the faint-hearted) her tailoring really is a thing of beauty. And the neat shifts, cool coats, exaggerated shoulders; all so slick! It was Ellery’s juxtaposition of volume and minimalism that created such a sophisticated and ultimately desirable collection.