In Colour

From a very consumerist perspective, I’m always rather jealous of girls who are brave enough and cool enough to buy coloured handbags. You carry a bag almost everywhere, so it just seems like a sensible idea to pick the most versatile, timeless one possible. Black (of course), not too big, not too small, with a convenient shoulder strap. Don’t get my wrong I love my black beauty, but I feel like this three tone orange PS11 is the perfect antidote to all sensible shopping tendencies.


I love Nadia’s clean, pared-back approach to dressing; a healthy dose of black tailoring goes a long way. Her simple leather shift is beautifully cut, and is perfectly topped off by the long line blazer expertly draped over her shoulders. Sophisticated but cool. And Nadia’s intergalactic Comme des Garcons clutch is all the colour this look needs. So slick.


Stylist Meg Gray being her usual awesome self in head to toe Prada (the bag is Miu Miu). Love that the rhinestone embellishments match her ombre pink bob. And you can’t see it, but there is a sweet flaming car print on the back of the jacket too. Her bold, colour-heavy style gets me every time. Big fan.

The Midi Heel

Never thought I would say this, but I’m pretty into the midi heel lately. Comfortable, but with a little height, it’s like the sensible friend who still knows how to have a good time. And let’s face it, all of the above would be graciously welcomed into my wardrobe if given the chance.