Talisa looking cute as a button in her APC parka, Philip Lim 31 hour bag and Carven bow heels. I never thought I’d be attracted to such cutesy shoes (particularly kitten heels), but they are just so damn sweet! Talisa has her classic style down to a fine art, whenever we hang out she always leaves me dreaming of a more refined wardrobe. I want to wear nothing but timeless trenches and Parisian stripes!

I’m all about the parka; ideal in unpredictable weather and always effortlessly cool. Talisa’s tan parka is so good – the utilitarian style toughens up her pretty black dress and heels perfectly. APC make the best classics, hands down.


Susie is a true original. She has a knack for mixing prints, unexpected pieces and fun accessories like no-one else; I love her fresh perspective! That and her humble nature. It’s so great when people are lovely! She wears her paisley Magdalena Velevska dress so well, I love how she layered it with a ribbed bomber and printed Karen Walker cap. So fresh and sporty, but most of all, so comfortable! I feel like Susie was one of the first people on the street to wear Nikes without being ironic – and now everyone has jumped on board the neon sneaker train. One cool lady.


Two new-ish additions sitting on my desk. The first is a rhinestone necklace which I haven’t actually worn a great deal, but love having in my jewellery collection all the same. It sits perfectly on the collarbone, and is relatively subtle considering it’s nothing but neon rhinestones. The other is the first issue of a new publication from the UK, titled Vertities. Much like a good conversation, Verities examines the good and the bad, the important and the interesting. It’s a pretty good read and the photography has an honest feel to it. They call it ‘the ultra observant’, pick it up here.


So many great things going on here: the Wang ribbon skirt, the Adidas trainers, the mohair cardigan and of course the David Bowie tee. It’s like an explosion of everything awesome, paired in a way that is completely cohesive and effortless. I love the mix of blue tones too; so fresh and ladylike at the same time. The ultimate finishing touch is Jordan’s un-d0ne hair and natural makeup, the outfit already speaks volumes, there’s no need to add anything else.