I love this shot of Clare, it’s always a happy surprise when I manage to capture a moment of raw emotion amongst all of the more composed shots! I don’t know how she does it, but Clare’s hair is always so immaculate. As a blonde I always find my hair is incredibly fly-away and out of control, so the fact her platinum locks stay in place seems like a miracle to me. You can only see a hint of it under her blazer, but I love her blue Gary Bigeni dress, which is from the same collection as my red one and such a rare colour. It’s the perfect match with her stallion blazer; such an unexpected, yet striking combination!

Happy Lovers Day

For all the lovers out there. I’m not so keen on the sappy, commercial idea behind Valentines Day, but I do think it’s nice to reflect on how special love is every now and then. And whether you have a significant other or you’re an independent soul, there’s no harm indulging in a bit of lingerie. This delicate Pleasure State bra is the perfect antidote for everyday life; uncomplicated and a little bit sexy. Happy Valentines!

Old School Cool

Strummer tee, Konstruct leather shorts
Lonely Hearts bra, Citizens of Humanity jeans
Lonely Hearts sleeveless tee and briefs
Photography and Styling: Jessie Bush    
Model: Monika Radulovic

These shots are from a test I did with Monika Radulovic (Vivien’s) late last year. I don’t spend much time in the studio, but it’s nice to mix it up every now and then. There’s no doubt I prefer the organic quality of natural light, but I’m learning to love the controlled environment the studio offers. I think because I have no formal training (read: no training) it’s easier for me to gallivant around the streets than deal with the more technical side of things. Either way, I’m pretty pleased with how these shots turned out. Largely thanks to the fact that Monika is such a natural beauty and the clothes pretty much speak for themselves. Boyish tees and sexy lingerie; so good.


I love the disheveled look of these white Isabel Marant jeans. When I first saw them in store last year I wasn’t sure how they would look on, but they are actually pretty amazing! The frayed detail is quite subtle, and when styled in the way Clare has, they’re more casual than anything else. I also love the contrast created by her Amy Kaehne shirt; it pretty much sums up the exact colour combination I want to be wearing this winter. Plenty of fresh whites and rich burgundy hues!