Alexandra Spencer of 4th and Bleeker makes blogging sexy. While the rest of the blogger pack create romantic shots full of whimsy, Alexandra’s approach is all about cool style and sex appeal.¬† It’s earnt her a cult following which is entirely deserved (and her model status means that every shot is stunning). I love that she takes risks, pairing pieces that no-one else would, always pulling it off with an air of confidence. Her Reebok/Celine over-sized sports shirt is nothing short of amazing, and her strappy Celine heels are perfection! It’s sport-luxe to the extreme.

It’s Cold Outside

I’ve recently teamed up with Sunglass Hut, and it’s going to be a lot of fun! Over the next twelve months¬† I will be collaborating with Sunglass Hut, creating unique content for their curated platform the Inner Circle. It will be a mix of editorial, street style and beautiful images that inspire me, so keep an eye out as each shoot unfolds.

For my first post I called on Kahlo for fresh separates and slick leather pieces which really require no styling at all. Paired with timeless tortoiseshell cat-eye’s by Prada and Tom Gunn for Gary Bigeni heels, it was the epitome of effortless dressing. The rain poured down outside, so we turned up the heat, rolled around on the beautiful wooden floors and made the most of a Saturday indoors. You can see the rest of the shoot over at the Inner Circle here.

Photography: Jessie Bush
Hair & Make up: Jane Lam
Model: Madi @ Chic


Every time I ever see Kate Waterhouse, she is always impeccably dressed. She sticks to the classics, favouring well tailored pieces and a healthy dose of black. There’s definitely something to be said for having a formula to your personal style.

I’m in love with her Alexander Wang heels; they are such a sexy shape and the cut-out leather is beautiful. All of his past season heels (including the style Kate’s wearing) are now on sale pretty much everywhere, and I’m rather tempted by the pointed pumps I shot Candice wearing here. They may not always be comfortable, but Mr Wang does know how to make great shoes!


Natalie Joos is one of those people who you secretly want to be friends with. She documents her encounters with some of fashions most interesting characters on her blog Tales of Endearment, with her own distinctly quirky-cool voice. Her blog has a lot of content from her time in Australia up at the moment, so if you’re not already reading it, now is the time.

Natalie exudes this incredible confidence and charisma, which only makes her killer style more attractive. I shot her a few times at Australian Fashion Week, the first of which was after Romance was Born when a horde of street style photographers also vied for her attention. Despite the fact that we had never meet before (although I’m sure once you’ve met one street style photographer you’ve met them all), Natalie was ridiculously lovely to shoot.

Her personal style is very colourful and eclectic, so it was a pleasure to learn that this playful attitude is a reflection of her inner self. Fashion isn’t meant to be serious, and it’s so great to watch people really have fun with it!