Some days you just can’t go past black on black. I’m loving Emma’s Lonely Hearts leather jacket, the snug fit is just so good! I can’t seem to get enough of shearling lately; I have big plans to be wearing it a lot this winter. It’s the perfect alternative to fur, and it just feels so beautifully soft!

Inside Gary Bigeni’s Studio

I’ve been a fan of Gary Bigeni since I first moved to Australia almost two years ago and discovered his amazing eye for drapery and tailoring. Gary works with the most beautiful fabrics, which gives a real luxe quality to everything he touches – lots of delicious silks, jersey and leather. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was a pair of his leather shorts that initially got me hooked! His current collection is my favourite to date; lot’s of crazy good spots and stripes that are just asking to be paired together. Not to mention the perfect blend of grey, navy and rust.

We hung out one morning talking about fashion and life in general; it’s always such a pleasure to meet someone for the first time and feel like you could talk about anything and everything! Gary has a heart of gold and a really sweet nature (I love that the paint from his wooden heart necklace has worn off from constant wear). And I have to respect his honest approach to fashion; always developing the brand but ultimately staying true to his own aesthetic.

A case of bad timing meant Gary had almost no samples left in his studio for me to shoot, so definitely check out his lookbook here. And keep an eye out for his show next month at Fashion Week, I’m pretty excited!


I came across these photos of Jess from last year looking sweeter than ever, and just had to post them. She is without a doubt one of the most positive girls I know; always a smile on her face, always appreciating life for what it is. Such a beautiful girl! I do love her Bec & Bridge Akubra. The shape is a classic, but the pretty pastel hue makes it just that much more special. Perfection!


I love how Niki’s neon dress pops against her gorgeous tan; it’s so fun and bold! The weather in Sydney seems to be having one last summer fling (even though it is technically autumn) and I’m definitely not complaining! It’s so nice to walk outside in nothing but a dress and sandals. Beautiful weather was made for weekends!