Seeing Red

I know, so much colour. Look at me branching out. Although I will admit, it might actually be time to give red a chance. It’s bold without being too feminine and slots into my monochromatic wardrobe pretty smoothly. One of the driving forces behind this foray of mine into all things red is that I’m super excited to announce that in partnership with Stylist Magazine and Ford Fiesta I am one of four judges in search of the UK’s top stylist slash blogger.

The competition is for those looking for an incredible opportunity to enter the fashion industry with access to Fashion Week, editorial shoots and international travel. The lucky winner will receive £10,000, a trip to New York during Fashion Week and the amazing opportunity to style three Stylist cover wraps in A/W trends.

Entering is super simple: upload a picture of yourself or a friend to Instagram using #FiestaStylista, wearing an outfit you’ve put together following the SS15 red trend (head-to-toe red, or wearing a statement crimson accessory) before midnight August 2nd (UK time). The picture must be full-length and include the hashtag in the caption. Crisp, clean images always help that ‘like’ count so remember to shoot in natural light and go easy on those Instagram filters.

The winners will be selected according to how many ‘likes’ their picture receives so tell your family and friends to get voting! The 12 semi-finalists will be shot by photographer Zac Frackelton. Then come October myself and the three other judges will choose the winner with the announcement taking place at our Stylist Live event.

Unfortunately (or fortunatly depending on your geographic location) the competition is only open to those in the UK. Fore more information head over to Stylist Magazine right here. So get ‘gramming, and good luck!

Created in Collaboration with Stylist Magazine and Ford Fiesta

Blue Jean Baby

The Jewellery Edit

Sportmax shirt, Chloe bag, Hélène Turbé earrings from Cold Lilies, Larsson & Jennings watch, Hélène Turbé bracelet from Cold Lilies, Ivy Nixon Jewelry diamond ring from Cold Lilies, Tibi skirt and Celine loafers. Laura Lee pearl earrings from Cold Lilies, Eight Slate Top, Natasha Sherling bar necklace from Cold Lilies and Laura Lee necklace from Cold Lilies. Balenciaga shirt, Celine sunglasses, Ivy Nixon ring from Cold LiliesNoemi Klein earrings from Cold Lilies and J.Brand jeans.

After a brief stint of abstinence from jewellery over the winter, I’m slowing building up my adorning game. For me it’s all about  whisper thin rings which can be stacked up on every finger, dainty bracelets which fall loosely over the wrist and necklaces so fine they’re almost imperceptible. Delicate and understated yes, but when layered up against bare skin these pieces are anything but inconspicuous.

Despite the extravagant dry-cleaning bill that comes with it, there’s nothing more sartorially refreshing than white on white once summer hits. It’s crisp and minimal as can be – pretty much the perfect base for layering up those dainty jewels.

Created in Collaboration with Cold Lilies

A Swiss Summer

If you follow me on the ‘gram you may have noticed my feed being populated by all things Swiss a few weeks alongside the lovely Andy, Camille and Lucy. In just under a week I managed to train across Switzerland, hike in the Swiss Alps (granted it was more of a hill), devour the most luxurious BBQ known to mankind, sail across Lake Lucerne, stay in a hotel room twice the size of my Parisian apartment and dine at not one, but two Michelin-starred restaurants – all with The Leading Hotels of the World. It was pretty mind-blowing to say the least.

The aim of the game was to skip the obvious summer plans (such as a coastal holiday along the Mediterranean) and take the road less travelled, seeking out the most uncommon experiences along the way. It was my first time in Switzerland and I was completely blown away by it’s natural beauty. To be honest it reminded me a lot of home (New Zealand) – just with European architecture. The entire country just felt so lush and spacious; for anyone craving fresh air and spectacular scenery, this is the place to go.

As you can probably tell by the name, The Leading Hotels of the World don’t exactly cater to those back-packing through Europe. The hotels we stayed at were beautiful, however it’s just as much about exploring a city, town or village with a fresh perspective and seeking out the remarkably uncommon as it is about luxury. Plus with over 400 independent hotels on their books, the odds are there will be more than a few locations that tickles ones fancy.

Getting around

As one would predict, Swiss trains are punctual, reliable and clean as a whistle. Hands down the quickest (and easiest) way to get around the country. The views from the train window make it a trip in itself. The Leading Hotels of the World actually bought champagne on board for our first leg of the trip and let’s just say I’d highly recommend others doing the same.


Lakes, mountains, villages, it’s fair to say Switzerland is pretty diverse. So bring a jacket, sunscreen and everything in-between.

When to go

Switzerland in the summer is pretty different to it’s snow-covered-self come winter. Summer hits late so go no earlier than June and be prepared for serious snow in the height of winter. As a rough guide, one of the villages we visited, Andermatt, closes most of it’s roads in winter so it pays to do a bit of research and be prepared – there’s nothing worse than being snowed in when you have a big trip planned.

Stay The Chedi Andermatt, booked via The Leading Hotels of The World

Nestled amongst the Swiss Alps The Chedi is the epitome of Alpine chic, as you can see in the first six images. With its luxurious chalet vibes the spacious hotel is packed with beautiful details, fireplaces and cosy corners to relax in. All with views of the snowy-peaked mountains from pretty much every room.

Do Hike through the Swiss Alps

As part of The Chedi’s incredible service, they organised a guided tour with a local Alpine expert who took us amongst the mountains and cows (cows featured heavily on this trip) to explore some of the edible foliage in the Alps. It was local, organic eating at it’s most literal.

Eat Dine alfresco with a BBQ cooked right in the Swiss Alps

Hands down one the of highlights of this trip was our post-hike barbecue in the mountains. Growing up in New Zealand I’ve had more than my far share of BBQ’s, but with the local produce, breath-taking views and beautiful table-setting this one takes the cake.

Stay Park Hotel Vitznau, booked via The Leading Hotels of The World

It’s safe to say that Park Hotel Vitznau knows a thing or two about unadulterated Swiss luxury. A huge, castle-like establishment with incredible views over Lake Lucerne, it was pretty much Instagram-worthy moments at every turn. Each room is completely unique – mine featured beautiful rooms totalling 90 square meters –  that’s almost twice the size of our place here in Paris. Basically, it was deliciously spacious.

Do Sail on Lake Lucerne

Rather impressively, Park Hotel Vitznau has three yachts ready and waiting to be booked by guests. We took to the lake with a little picnic, champagne and of course plenty of excitement. Sadly no-one jumped in (it’s a little brisk to say the least) but we did all climb up the front for maximum hair-whipping and interrupted views of the area.

Eat PRISMA, Park Hotel Vitznau

Park Hotel Vitznau has not one but two Michelin-starred restaurants which is no mean feat. With views over the lake we made our may through twelve carefully considered and delicious courses. The food was fresh and the mood was light which made for a fun night, which is the whole point of dining out, right?

Eat Focus, Park Hotel Vitznau

Dining at this two-Michelin starred restaurant was an event in itself. We were lucky enough to dine at the Chefs table (aka down in the kitchen where the magic happens) and enjoy a 9-dish culinary experience. The food was unparalleled – easily one of the best meals I’ve ever had – let’s just say Head Chef Nenad Mlinarevic knows his way around the kitchen.

Created in collaboration with The Leading Hotels of The World