Get Candela’s style: Pink Vionnet blazer and trousers (budget dusty pink blazer and trousers available here), white perforated leather bag and black suede pumps

I love a pink suit; the masculine tailoring and feminine hue is such an unexpected pairing. And Candela looks so good in this slightly oversized, slouchy style by Vionnet (which is available on Net-a-Porter as we speak). Made even better with minimal styling and casually tousled locks.


Get Natalie’s look: grey beanie, grey sleeveless turtleneck (similar turtleneck jumpers available here and here), longsleeve breton stripe top, pinstripe skirt and black lace-up platforms (worn with socks)

London hasn’t been dishing out the most summery temperatures this past week (the weather is a popular topic here in England and must be mentioned daily) which has got me thinking about all kinds of delicious winter layers. Namely chunky knitwear and plenty of grey. I’m a big fan of Natalie’s stripe/grey combo; it’s effortlessly slouchy and tonal in all the right ways.

Summer Sailin’

Last month I spent a week at sea with MedSailors where the goal each day was pretty much sail, swim, repeat. For whatever reason (of which there are many) sailing in Croatia is massive with Antipodeans; I’d had a few friends do it last summer and everyone described it as the best trip ever.

Sam and I went with MedSailors simply because they offer a mellow, easy-going sail along the coast of Croatia. With only 9 people on board including crew, it was more about sailing, exploring and chilling than in was about partying. Party boats are massive in Croatia, so be careful when booking that you’re not going to be sharing your holiday with a group of drunken teenagers (unless you’re into that sort of thing)…

The entire journey was insanely beautiful and one of the most incredible adventures I’ve ever been on.  Nothing beats waking up, walking out onto the deck each morning sun and leaping into the perfectly clear Adriatic Sea. That’s the dream right there.

And for those of you interested in the finer details… We did the Voyager sail from Split to Dubrovnik. I’d suggest booking everything as early as you can (that goes for flights too). Take a few books, bikinis, plenty of sunscreen and perhaps a bottle of Campari or two.